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Trans-Australia Aviation Group was founded in February 2010 by Dave Hayes and has developed and is known as the acronym TAAG. TAAG was formed to replicate real world airliners so pilot’s could fly routes and accumulate hours all in the ONE home flying a magnitude of varying airframes in many different liveries and countries. TAAG are solely here for the enjoyment for our members.

airnorth meets jetstar

TAAG began initially with the inception of Virgin Australia, Regional Express (REX) and Tiger Air and the first pilot’s to join were Andrew Fletcher and John Hayes, who are also members of the Board of Director’s. Since this time, TAAG has been able to replicate most of Australia’s leading airliners and have gained honourable and dedicated members.

In the early stages, Dan Beaman, Don Heegel and Brad Stolte established a helicopter charter service where TAAG replicated Bristow Helicopters with custom made routes around the world in various rotor airframes. The PIREP system used was Virtual Airlines Financial System (VAFS).

In May 2010, TAAG were proud to become an affiliation on the VATSIM network and have since gained affiliation with VATPAC (VATSIM Australia Pacific region) and VATNZ (VATSIM New Zealand region). We are always striving to satisfy the virtual needs of our members. We operate our VATSIM Operational Channel frequency 132.150.

At the end of May 2010, we had replicated further airlines such as Air North, Qantas, Jetstar, Fiji Airways, Air Vanuatu, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Silk Air, Nauru Airlines and Atlas Air. We replicated various other airliners through the codeshare agreements set by Qantas. With all these replications, we now cover most of the world with flights and we have attempted to produce flights through each country and region, including the Pacific Islands and West Indies.

In September 2010, TAAG fully replicated Air New Zealand that introduced TAAG with it’s first Atlantic Ocean crossing.

In November 2010, TAAG introduced FedEx Cargo and Singapore Airlines into our fleet. TAAG members can now fly MD-11’s and a range of other aircraft. Singapore Airlines is complete with their Cargo subsidiary being fully replicate. This enables TAAG members to fly more optional routes in the 747-400F.

747 cockpitIn April 2011, TAAG introduced Emirates and their cargo fleet into TAAG’s schedule. There is no doubt with the introduction of Emirates, that TAAG offer the most replicated airlines in one virtual airline around the world.

By March 2012, TAAG had begun to replicate FEDEX, QANTAS Freight/Australia Air Express, Cathay Pacific Cargo and QANTAS Defence, that incorporates transporting the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Governor-General and/or Foreign Minister around the world.

In March 2014, the medical teams of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia had been replicated. From the Broken Hill base, medical teams are being deployed to regional towns throughout Australia, utilising prop aircraft and the recently acquired jet aircraft for international locations.

In October 2014, TAAG began to replicate Ryanair to the forefront, which enables members to fly throughout Europe in a Boeing 737-800 and Toll Freight were also replicated, bringing further various aircraft to our expanding fleet.

In November 2014, TAAG began to introduce United Airlines into the replication. With it’s inception, pilots can now circumnavigate the globe in a wide variety of aircraft.

In May 2015, Ryan Murphy and Mark Bundy were elected into the Board of Director’s.

In August 2015, Andrew Fletcher stood down as a Board member. ‘Fletch’ will continue as a pilot. ‘Fletch’ was part of the foundations of the VA and is still very much a big part of TAAG.

In November 2015, TAAG introduced a new PIREP system named ‘SmartCARS’, in favour of the VAFS system.

TAAG has developed as we have solely because of the great interest and dedicated members within the VA. TAAG are always looking at expanding and we listen to each and every one of our members.

The Board of Director’s welcomes any new member to join us and suggest the replication of any airline. TAAG are always willing to expand the replicated airlines.

By following the attached link, you can view our staff list.

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